HelloBirth Hypnobirthing

HelloBirth is a fun, inclusive, and interactive, 4-week Hypnobirthing (hypnosis for childbirth) education program. Classes are live, in group settings*, once weekly, and average 3 hours in length.

Students leave class with the ability to:

Feel more relaxed in the moment, Reframe their thinking about birth, Learn proper care for their body, mind, and baby through this journey, and Feel confident in their choices during birth!

Current Class Series:

February 2th-March 20th, 2023

Every Tuesday at 6 pm 
Via Zoom

Each series includes all the materials you and your birth partner(s) will need. These include:

  • Full access to the exclusive HelloBirth audio library
  • Thirteen(13) HelloBirth hypnosis audio tracks for use during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Release your Fear audio track
  • Positive Pregnancy and Birthing Affirmations
  • My Cesarean Birth audio track
  • Change of Course Affirmations
  • Affirmations for Healthy Lactation
  • The HelloBirth Guide Book
  • Preparing for Birth Class Guide
  • Digital Class Guide
  • Weekly class support and guidance
  • BONUS: A private 60-minute complimentary session with Doula Belle to use at any time throughout  pregnancy. Hypnobirthing support, Birth Planning, Postpartum Planning, or any additional thoughts or concerns can be discussed!!

***Check with your Insurance Carrier – some companies will cover the cost of childbirth classes. The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is: S9436. You may also need this: Diagnosis code Z32.2, which is for childbirth education.

Some families have also used their Health Spending Accounts(HSA)/Flexible Spending Accounts(FSA) for the classes. Make sure to check out yours!**

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HelloBirth® Hypnobirthing live online classes are taught by birth doula, childbirth educator, and student midwife, Doula Belle. This hypnosis for childbirth education program is perfect for the modern family. All your hypnobirthing tracks and class materials are conveniently located on the HelloBirth App. You’ll also have all your HelloBirth hypnobirthing techniques and cues compounded into the HelloBirth Guide Book perfectly sized for a birth bag!


What do we cover in class?

Class 1

  • Tools for stress reduction
  • Common language of birth
  • Strategies for increasing pregnancy comfort
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Building your birth team: settings and providers (specific to the Philly area)
  • Prenatal care: questions and strategies
  • Creating your village
  • HelloBirth Hypnobirthing tool #1

Class 2

  • Creating birth preferences
  • Prenatal choices
  • Labor and birth choices
  • Postpartum choices
  • Interactive “birth plan” sheet to record your questions and decisions
  • HelloBirth Hypnobirthing tool #2

Class 3

  • What’s happening / what’s helpful during:
    • late pregnancy
    • early / pre-labor
    • active birth
    • transition and pushing
    • first 24 hrs. of baby’s life
    • planned Cesarean birth
    • a change in the planned mode of birth
  • Helping your baby get ready
  • Nurturing your body and mind
  • HelloBirth Hypnobirthing tool #3

Class 4

  • Transitions and adjustments
  • Putting you first
  • What’s happening and what’s helpful in a baby’s first weeks and days?
  • Newborn care
  • Sleeping
  • Baby feeding: is baby getting enough?
  • Strengthening your HelloBirth hypnobirthing tools in a Birth Rehearsal
  • How to use your hypnosis toolkit

Should you birth using HelloBirth hypnosis?

We believe…

Pregnant individuals are the authors of their experiences. They should be the key decision-makers as they move through their pregnancy journeys. If a change of plans becomes necessary, they remain the foremost expert when it comes to their mind-body experience.

Language is powerful. Our HelloBirth audio recordings take a trauma-informed approach, recognizing that while not everyone feels the same way about pregnancy or giving birth, every body deserves respect, validation, and support.

Access is a priority. When you’re not reaching people, you don’t always know it. That’s why HelloBirth continually evaluates availability, taking deliberate steps to welcome and include those who may have been excluded from other forms of childbirth education.

Every HelloBirth instructor understands and respects that every person who gives birth deserves to be called by their name and pronoun(s).

Every person who attends a HelloBirth Hypnobirthing class will have a chance to see themselves reflected in class materials and content. The world is a diverse, beautiful, and complicated place. HelloBirth strives to represent a broad array of people and families in everything we create.

Please schedule a consultation if you have any questions at all regarding this session.

Additional information

Class Series

July 9th- Start Date, May 21st- Start Date, November 19th- Start Date, September 3rd- Start Date


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